Once logged in, you can find a mjobs by searching the site, or by browsing the thumbnails on the category or subcategory pages.

To place an order:
First, register on StitchJobs before placing orders.Within the marketplace, click the thumbnail of the Mjob you would like to order.

  1. Once on the job page, make sure to read a description of the service being offered. You can also look at the seller’s work samples or customer reviews further down the page.

    Note: We recommend contacting the seller prior to ordering.

  2. Click Proceed to Order.
    You can upgrade your order if the seller offers extra services. Click the Plus icon to add an extra service.
  3. Review your order, and then click Proceed to Payment.
    If you have money in your StitchJobs account balance (greater than or equal to the amount of your order), it will be used and you won’t incur a processing fee. If you don’t choose a payment option:
    – If paying with PayPal click Continue and fill out your details.
    – If paying with a credit card fill out your details and click Make Payment.
  4. After your order processes, you will need to fill out requirements so that your seller can start working. In the requirements area, fill out all the necessary details and attach files (if needed), and click Start Order.

    Note: The payment is held by Fiverr until you approve and accept the delivery.