Audiobook Production

Selecting the audiobook depends largely on the quality of production and the voice. As a publisher, turning your book to audio is the right thing to do with the audiobook business growing into billions of dollar revenue yearly. One of the most important decisions is finding the right voice for your audiobook.

Many books written by African authors have been converted to audiobook with mismatched voices of people that are not of African descent. Listening to the pronunciation of names, places and expressions sound fake and off.

What we do?

We provide seasoned voice professionals, committed to making your audiobook come alive to listeners. Our services include narration, editing, and production of audiobooks and distribution through the world’s largest distributor of audiobook. Your audiobook will be on distribution channels such as Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Walmart, Kobo, and other international channels.

Non exclusive agreement

StitchJobs  Audiobooks do not ask for exclusive agreement. That means you can sell or distribute your book as you wish.  We will provide your audiobook with ISBN and create an image online for your online and downloadable sample. 

Complementary service

Other services we offer for authors and publishers include:

  • convert your book to ebook and distribute on ebook channels.
  • Publishing 
  • Custom cover design
  • Writting 
  • Marketing and sales.

Audiobook fees 

We offer two ways for payment of your audiobook

Full buyout

Also known as the per-finished-hour-rate.  The narrator fee ranges from $60 to $250 per completed hour. Which means that publisher or author owns the rights to the recording and as such, are not required to pay the narrator royalties derived from future sales. The job of the narrator is done and completed with no ownership of expected royalties.

Right Holder and Narrator Shared Royalties  

If the right holder wishes to share royalty with the narrator, they may enter an agreement for the narrator to receive payment only in form of royalties for a certain number of years, without any upfront payment.